What Is Chronic Neuropathic Pain?

Around 100 million Americans suffer from constant pain. This familiar sign that is “pain” can take much time to document.

If doctors pay attention to the ache of patients, they describe it by describing it as “shooting, electric, tingling, itching, or burning,” but they’re often referred to as “slim” in their diagnosis. These are a hallmark of nerve pain or, in the case of more persistent neuropathy.

Medical experts use terms such as hyperalgesia and allodynia to describe this type of pain. These two terms are spoken about pain. It’s not in line with the stimulus. For example, if light contact or pinpricks of a small size are extremely sensitive and feel shooting pain, nerves are at risk.

What Causes Chronic Neuropathic Pain?

In most cases there isn’t any clear reason for nerve pain. In fact, over a hundred types of nerve damage could cause nerve pain. Different kinds of injuries can produce distinct signs.

However, these are just a few of the not uncommon contributing causes:

Trauma or compression: Compression of nerves or a specific trauma that triggers compression can cause pain, nerve damage, and even pain. Examples include the carpal tunnel disorder, nerve pinched inside the neck area, compress or devastating accidents, such as those that occur in a vehicle.


Most people with diabetes struggle with aches in their nerves. This is also an uncommon symptom that can lead towards the diagnosis of diabetes. The majority of the time it’s the sensory nerves that may be affected by nerve pain caused by diabetes. The condition can cause numbness, as well as burning sensations, mainly around the feet and toes.

Insufficient nutrition: deficiency of specific vitamins and nutrients could trigger the nerve to hurt and pain as well. It can also result from alcoholism.

Disease: Lastly, multiple kinds of illnesses may cause nerve pain. Examples include HIV, the herpesvirus, hepatitis C, and Lyme disease. Motor neuron disorders can trigger pain in the nerves and autoimmune disorders such as IBS and MS and lupus among others.

It’s important to be aware that the reason for nerve pain can’t be identified from time-to-time. If it is the case with your pain, keep in mind that you are looking for a solution via the control of nerve pain. It is not important to know as to what the reason for the pain in your nerves and at Dr. Jordan’s clicnic We can in making you feel more comfortable and free of aches.

Common Signs and Symptoms

It can be difficult to pinpoint neuropathy in a specific way and often it’s the case that doctors must take their patients’ precise descriptions to determine the cause. The symptoms can be diverse but they could comprise:

  • Numbness
  • A shooting pain, only at times with a slight strain
  • Burning or tingling sensations
  • Sensitive or itchy painful
  • Cold or hot sensations
  • The difficulty of transferring certain areas in your body
  • Ailment on one aspect of the frame
  • Clumsiness
  • Incontinence or digestive problems
  • Optimal Treatment Options

There are many ways to treat nerve pain. In The Spine & Sports Health Center we provide the following treatments for nerve pain in all three of our locations: Bayonne, Hoboken, and Jersey City. All of them are non-invasive, and have the highest quality of care:

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the primary option for regaining pains in the nerve. It’s normal for patients to feel resistance, which is around more intense when they’re suffering from pains. But, the outcomes of this therapy can be remarkable for the improvement of the pain caused by nerve damage. One reason for this is the fact that being unable to move can trigger weak spots. However, through the process of building energy, you will be able to move more fluidly and with greater anticipation without discomfort. In addition, various body remedy techniques such as massage therapy rub down, correct manipulation of joints and bones, microcurrent stimulation, as well as treatments that reduce inflammation could aid in the control of nerve pain.


Acupuncture is an old Chinese medical treatment that is still used today because of its high satisfaction cost. In the past, it was believed that the use of thin needles, sterilized and sterile, at certain locations on frames (acupoints) assisted in the release and release of the frame’s herbal energy or the chi. Nowadays, the reason behind the success of acupuncture in restoring health is more in the realm of nerves. It is known that needles stimulate nerves that are positive at the frame, allowing endorphins to release inside the brain. Endorphins can relax muscles, ease discomfort, and assist in experiencing the proper basics.

Get Nerve Pain Help With Dr Jordan

Dr. Jordan Sudberg can help in the treatment of any nerve pain that you might be suffering from. We provide all the treatment options as mentioned above. Additionally, by having three offices within Hudson County – Jersey City, Bayonne, and Hoboken We are never a distance from you.

The treatment in Jordan’s Spine & Sports Health Center starts with a diagnosis by one of our board-certified physicians.

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