It is among the most popular places where you’ll experience constant pain that can limit your ability to enjoy life. The majority of the time knee pain is due to an underlying problem which includes osteoarthritis. In some cases, excessive use or an unplanned sports accident or a twist of fate could be the primary cause.

As the initial line of treatment for knee pain, patients typically are advised to begin using painkillers available over-the-counter, such as Ibuprofen. While this might ease pain however, they don’t provide the complete treatment for discomfort that patients seek. Additionally, using simple painkillers in a regular basis could result in a number of adverse consequences, such as gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers and stress on liver tissue, an increase in blood pressure and even more.

To help with this as well as to combat the pain and stiffness that come with a knee that is aching more and osteoarthritis in particular the Spine & Sports Health Center provides a very efficient knee pain treatment within Bayonne, NJ, in the form of injections of gel.

What Are Gel Knee Injections?

Gel knee injections inject hyaluronic acids into the joint of knee. Hyaluronic acid acts as a lubricant which replaces the natural hyaluronan commonly found in knees and other joints. Hyaluronan is a type of lubricant that allows joints to move and bend without pain.

If someone is affected by osteoarthritis, it’s common for their hyaluronan supply to thin in the joints. This causes pain when the person who is affected moves as there isn’t any oil lubrication.

Each injection of hyaluronic acids to treat knee pain within Hoboken, NJ, is an outpatient treatment. After a series of injections, patients will discover a variety of pain relief and can become more active and cellular.


At Dr. Jordan’s clinic we utilize a gel-based product known by the name of HYALGAN(r) to treat knee pain. HYALGAN(r) was the first injection of hyaluronic acid that is approved to be used in the U.S. It was first introduced to the scientific radar at the end of 1987 Europe and then in 1997 within the U.S. Since 1987, it has been used in more than 50 million occasions. Additionally, more than 10 medical trials have evaluated its effectiveness in treating knee osteoarthritis.

The Benefits of Gel Knee Injections

If you’re in search of knee pain relief within Jersey City, NJ, gel knee injections from HYALGAN(r) are a viable solution. If you choose this method of treatment you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

It’s secure

HYALGAN(r) is approved from the FDA to use to treat knee pain and several safety tests and toxicity tests have been conducted to make sure it’s suitable for those suffering from.

It’s strong

Gel knee injections will help you to become more mobile and active regardless of knee discomfort. It is important to keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to this treatment. But, by a wide percentage, patients will find it extremely effective in helping to ease pain.

Anyone is able to receive treatment with gel injections.

In general there aren’t any particular reasons to avoid or take precautions when the use of gel knee injections for those suffering from. Of course, you’ll need to consult with our specialists to get a consultation before you go ahead. But, nearly every sufferer can benefit the benefits of this treatment.

It is not a problem with other drugs for healing.

Since gel injections aren’t an oral medicine, you do not need to worry about they could interfere with other medications you’ll be taking.

It’s an option for treatment that’s been in use for over thirty years.

Many sufferers are concerned about the effectiveness and safety of new treatments. With the use of gel injections it’s not an issue. Gel injections were utilized for over 30-years to alleviate various types of knee pain.

The same era is remarkable and highly regarded due to its effectiveness. Patients can avail numerous remedies using gel injections. Moreover, issues or headaches are extremely rare.

How Often Are HYALGAN Gel Injections Needed?

Many shots of HYALGAN gel are required for this treatment to be strong. Our doctors will assist you in deciding what treatments are needed first. However, generally speaking sufferers begin at least three treatments and then repeat treatments later on. Also, the pain is an offering.

Learn More at The Spine & Sports Health Center

If you’re experiencing joint pains within Hoboken, NJ, knee pain at Bayonne, NJ, or knee pain in Jersey City, NJ, allow Jersey City, Dr. Jordan’s Spine & Sports Health Center to help. We can help you find an answer using injections of gel from HYALGAN but we can also alleviate this kind of pain by utilizing physical therapy and rehabilitation. The combination of knee injections with gel and physical therapy is often able to completely relieve knee pains.

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